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Learning Computers- the play way method
Posted on May 29, 2009 at 5:55PM
Disadvantaged children from a city’s slum enjoyed a very special day when for the first time they got an opportunity to touch, feel and work on a computer. The young faces were lit up when the DPS teacher took them to the computer lab of the school introduced them to computers. This was a part of the routine activities that the school organises to bridge the gap between the haves’ and have-nots’. The children were introduced to the basics of computers — Windows, Bar menu, Tool box and tools before telling them how to draw and colour on the ‘paintbrush’. Privileged children from DPS assisted their counterparts. The team work displayed by the two extremes was remarkable. The underprivileged children were guided by the privileged children, which served as a great binding factor. No wonder, children understand the language of children well. The outcome was evident from the beautiful paintings made by the children, very original in concept and thought. With each interactive session organised at DPS, Rohini, camaraderie among the two groups seems to be increasing.
Making friends the creative way
Posted on May 29, 2009 at 5:55PM
Delhi Public School, Rohini, one of the premiere schools of India is getting networked with the marginalized children of a non-formal school setup in the slums of Kusumpur Pahari, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Children from both the schools came together in an informal way and were part of many interesting programmes organised for them. The sessions were: know your partner, play to learn, making friends-the novel way, kids at their creative best etc. Thirty children in the age group of 9 to 12 years participated in the interactive sessions organised twice a month for a period of one hour in DPS, Rohini. It was indeed a treat to watch children from underprivileged and privileged backgrounds work in unison without any feelings of discrimination or isolation.
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