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What is Bring A Change?
Most people talk about changing the plight of needy children but sadly, only few put them into action. Most people are willing to donate money but feel, their responsibility ends with donation.

More than money these children need quality time. Bring A Change aims at bringing a positive difference and inspiring people to ‘ACT’. Act for that child next door who wants to carry a school bag on his back, an adolescent girl who wishes to live her dreams and not get married off, a budding teenager who wants to enjoy the corporate life and not pass away idling. A small act can lead to a big impact. Bring A Change is a platform for people who have always thought of development seeping down to the neediest and disadvantaged lot.

It is not just an informative site, each activity will require your time, knowledge, skills and resources towards helping children live with pride and dignity. Contribute to your and ‘Gen next’ future.

Who we are?
Bring A Change is an initiative by Smile Foundation registered as a charitable trust under Indian Registration Act. The foundation was started in 2002 by a group of like minded corporate professionals who decided to finance, handhold and support genuine grassroots' initiatives targeted at providing education and health to marginalised children and youth. In the process, the foundation became the first ever change maker that provides seed money to grassroot individuals, groups or organisations and handholds them till they become self sustainable.

Read more about Smile Foundation here
Bringing change with schools and colleges

The development of the society is not possible without the involvement of the youth, who are not only a formidable force, but also the future decision makers who will play crucial roles in nation building. Their role in the betterment of the country and the society at large cannot be ignored.

Bring A Change aims at integrating young and energetic youth at large to bridge the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. The portal provides a unique platform to schools and colleges to upload their initiatives and participatory role in various development processes. Bring the change you have always wanted to see.

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Story of the Week
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