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Bring A Change includes stories, comments, and other messaging features that allow you to communicate with other visitors of the site. Messages/ comments posted on Bring A Change represent the views of participants and visitors, and not those of people/ team behind Bring A Change.

The content posted on Bring A Change is not private or confidential. Please read our privacy policy for advice on keeping your information and personal account safe. By posting content on the portal you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free unrestricted license (with the right to sub-license) to reproduce, modify, translate, transmit or distribute in whole or in part any message file, data or other communication that you post on Bring A Change in any form now known or later developed.

Bring A Change will keep the collected user information strictly confidential. It will not be shared with any external agencies or individuals. However, Bring A Change will keep the users updated about new developments through bulletins etc with an option of not to subscribe the same.

The well-wishers will have to submit a few personal information while donating as it would help ensure genuine contributions:

Your name
Your email and mailing address
Your telephone number
Your payment processing details
Any other data as Smile Foundation may require

General browsing of Bring A Change is anonymous and it does not register the user’s personal information except the time, date and place of visits and the name of internet service provider. However, this information is not shared by the organization with external agencies. All relevant information collected through Bring A Change is handled and used by internal and authorized officials only.

Bring A Change and people behind it are not liable for any form of loss, damage or harm caused to the users as a result of misuse of personal information by a third party, tracked through a liked site of Smile Foundation or otherwise, and who is not an employee of Smile Foundation.

Smile Foundation holds the discretion to modify the terms and conditions under privacy policy anytime of the year.

Contents published in Bring A Change including graphics, write-ups, logos, pictures, images and software are the property of Smile Foundation and its partners or associates and the same is protected. Users must seek formal permission before using any of this information and any misuse of the same will automatically hold the (mis)user liable.
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